Account format is the way the game is delivered to you. There are many formats like disk format, redeemkey format, and account format.

You must have heard about game sharing, its a way to buy a game on an account and share the game license to another console, that's exactly what we use to gain our games.

The function we use is here described on the PlayStation website itself:

We have a supplier who stacks accounts with games once the game is in sale anywhere in the world, our suppliers buy and make as many accounts as needed, and we can sell the license to another buyer anywhere in the world, by doing this we can sell brand new games for over 50% less than the original marketplace. This is not illegal or catchy, it's making full use of the system

The downside of course is that you will not be able to resell the game anytime, you cannot delete the game from your console and the game must always be run on your hard disk, so you cannot install the game on another console later. 

The games are 100% legit and original, we provide the best help we can and we also offer 1-year warranty on all purchases.

So in a row:

- You get the full game for <50% of the market price

- No scratchable disk, play directly via your HDD

- earn trophies, play online, get updates, EVERYTHING will work 100%

- region free, buy and play the game anywhere in the world

You also get: 

- Amazing support to answer all your questions

365 days warranty, any problem? We fix it within 3 days.

The games will always be in English which is the only language we guarantee to be available. 

Other languages are often included, commonly French, Spanish, Italian, or German. This is however game and account-specific, we are unable to guarantee that any of them will be available in the game you purchase. If you are interested in a specific language, please check with us before buying.

The installation of these accounts only take 5 minutes at max. You will be provided very clear instructions and we offer a support via live chat to make sure you receive the best possible help.